Top Recruiter – Donna Bunch

Donna Bunch, RN is one of Trinity's Top & Seasoned Recruiters! Her trustworthiness and communication have helped her to excel as a recruiter for 10 years.

Donna continues to provide travelers with honesty as a recruiter because she lives by Trinity's motto: "Do what you say you'll do."

Getting to know Donna . . . .

How long have you been a recruiter? Or what year did you start?
I have been recruiting since April, 2004…so almost 10 years.

I know you are a registered nurse, what were/are your specialties?
Cardiac Tele / PCU

Why did you decide to become a recruiter?
I worked as a nurse with someone who was working here at the time. He called me out of the blue one day to come talk about a recruiter position. I loved nursing, so I considered it as something temporary  primarily for the Monday-Friday schedule, as my children were small at that time. But now I couldn’t imagine NOT doing it.

What how did you get into recruiting or healthcare?
I have always loved taking care of people. I loved nursing and taking care of patients, now I love being a recruiter taking care of the nurses!

Who are some people you’d like to meet someday?
I really wish I could meet all the nurses who work with me face-to-face. I do get to meet some of them, but not the majority. It’s hard to believe you can get to know people so well without actually having “met” them.

What’s your favorite quote?
“ ‘Plain’ talking makes for ‘plain’ understanding.” – Bertie Bunch (My husband’s grandmother) – I use this with my kids all the time! LOL! I don’t like it when people talk AROUND what they are trying to tell you.

Do you have a favorite number? Any particular reason why you like that number?
500! We have a company-wide goal of having 500 RNs working for Trinity Healthcare. I started when the company was relatively new, and I have enjoyed watching and participating in its growth over the years. I look forward to achieving this milestone with my Trinity family.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert??
Extrovert – Definitely!

What can you offer to travelers?
Trustworthiness, and someone who understands how hard they work. I try to communicate with and treat nurses the way I would want them to deal with me if our roles were reversed.

Would you like work with Donna? Contact her.

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Toll-Free: 888.855.5047
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