Travel Nursing Placement & Trinity Healthcare

The Main Question

  • What's different about Trinity? EVERYTHING. Trinity Healthcare is owned and operated by a former traveling nurse, and our internal staff consists largely of nurses and other healthcare professionals who have been there, done that.
  • Your recruiter is always available, day or night, 24/7. You’ll never get left stranded away from home without support.
  • Trinity offers some of the highest compensation plans in the industry.

Completing an Application

  • What are the minimum requirements to apply? You must be a graduate of an accredited program for your specialty and have at least one year of experience in a specific clinical setting. In some cases two years of core experience is required. Call a recruiter for details.
  • How do I apply? You may apply online, by fax or by mail. Once the application is submitted, a Trinity Recruiter will contact you with information about assignment possibilities.
  • What do I have to complete in order to be considered for placement on an assignment? You must complete the initial application in order to be considered for an assignment. Once placement becomes likely, you will be required to quickly submit the required information in order to complete your profile.
  • Once I submit my application, am I obligated to a contract? No. Submission of the initial application allows Trinity recruiters to begin the process of matching your skills with a particular assignment.


  • How much will I earn? Your compensation will vary depending on your specialty, your facility and location choice, and possibly your experience. Your recruiter will negotiate the highest pay rate possible for you on the first assignment. Compensation amounts vary from $25 to $45 per hour, with the possibility of overtime compensation at even higher rates, depending on availability and the facility you choose. For specific information, please contact a Trinity Healthcare recruiter.
  • How often do I get a paycheck? Travelers receive a paycheck every week by mail, or you can choose direct deposit into your bank account at no charge. Trinity performs all payroll functions in-house, so any issues are immediately resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Does Trinity withhold taxes from my paycheck? Yes. Trinity withholds all applicable state and federal taxes so you don't have to worry about it at the end of the year. Each Trinity Traveler is an employee of Trinity Healthcare and labor provided is not viewed as sub-contracted labor.


  • What referral bonuses does Trinity offer? If you refer a healthcare traveler (of any kind), you receive $1,000 once the referred person completes their first assignment. Refer a Friend Today!
  • Will I earn a completion bonus? Trinity offers a completion bonus for most assignments, depending on the compensation plan that you choose, and depending on the facility you choose. Ask your recruiter if your assignment qualifies for a completion bonus.
  • What other bonuses can I earn? Trinity offers a variety of bonuses and gifts for special assignments or urgent needs. Ask your recruiter about what is currently available.


  • What benefits does Trinity offer? Trinity provides FIRST DAY healthcare coverage for contract travelers, including dental and vision, life insurance, and professional liability coverage, and a 401(k) retirement plan.
  • Can I get health benefits for dependents? Benefits for dependents are available and can be payroll deducted.
  • Will I get reimbursed for licensure fees? Trinity provides full reimbursement for licensure fees once the assignment is started.
  • What about continuing education? Trinity will reimburse for cost of continuing education that is specific to your clinical specialty for current travelers with prior approval. Trinity also offers its employees FREE CEUs, just contact our QA department for more details.


  • How long are travel nursing assignments? Travel assignments typically range in duration from 8 to 13 weeks. In most cases, longer or shorter assignments can be negotiated to fit your needs. Typically, a traveler has the option of rolling into a new assignment if they so choose.
  • Where can I go? Trinity offers assignments nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. Trinity offers a variety of settings, from major teaching hospitals to rural facilities, including long-term care facilities, clinics, and rehabilitation facilities.
  • How do I choose which assignment is right for me? Based on your skill level, qualifications, and desired location, your recruiter will make suggestions for particular assignments Once you have narrowed your options, you may begin the interviewing process at the facilities of your choosing.
  • Does Trinity offer clinical support? Trinity offers a clinical support team consisting of licensed healthcare professionals available to assist you with any clinical issues that may arise or general questions you may have.

Housing and Travel

  • Can I be reimbursed for travel expenses? Trinity Healthcare customizes your compensation package to include whatever you request. Travel reimbursement varies depending on the package selected, and is completely tax-free.
  • Will I have to share my apartment with someone I don't know? You are never required or even asked to share your housing unless you request to do so. All housing is completely private on all assignments.
  • If I choose to stay with someone, can I get a housing subsidy? A very generous housing subsidy is available if you choose to stay with someone or secure your own housing. Housing subsidies are completely tax-free.
  • Contact Trinity

    Corporate Office:
    Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
    1834 Sally Hill Farms Blvd.
    PO Box 5955
    Florence, SC 29502
    Fax 866.323.0139

    Send us your resume:

    Credentials Fax Line:

    Time Slips Fax Line:
    Fax: 866.213.5933

    Office Hours:
    8am - 5pm est.
    Mon - Fri

    Travelers 24-HOUR HOTLINE:
    866.999.0771 (follow prompts)
    **Check with your recruiter for 24-hour direct numbers**

    Corporate Compliance 24-Hour Hotline:

    The Joint Commission encourages you to first share your concern or complaint with Trinity about our travel nursing agency. If needed, you may submit a complaint to Joint Commission via email: complaint@jointcommission.org or call the toll free U.S. number, 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, weekdays – (800) 994-6610.

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