Traveler of the Month: Sophia Cunha

July 2016 Traveler of the MonthSophia Cunha is an Army National Guard Reservist who started her career as a travel nurse with Trinity in August 2015. At her home hospital, nurses were required to work every other weekend, but Sophia found freedom and flexibility in travel nursing. Sophia’s sister, a previous Trinity traveler, referred her to Trinity, and she has worked assignments with two different North Carolina hospitals with extensions at both locations. Sophia has worked with both CJ Monjarrez (who was promoted to lead our recruiters) and Andrew Benfer.


Sophia joined the National Guard 5 years ago to defend our country and “do her part”. To Sophia, this duty is just as important to her as the responsibility she has to her patients as a nurse. As a member of the National Guard, Sophia spends a weekend each month, and two weeks each year with her unit serving our country.


Because she knows her schedule a year in advance, she can include those dates in her travel contracts and Andrew has been able to negotiate scheduling in her contracts up front. He has even found her hospitals with weekend staff, so she never has to work a weekend or be on call. With better preparation, more flexibility, and the full support of a team determined to help her, travel nursing has given this Army National Guard Reservist the ability to build her career around her life.



Sophia and DawnaAfter being with Trinity for a few assignments, Sophia recruited her best friend and fellow RN Dawnna to join her on her travels. Although Sophia has worked previously as a Progressive Care Nurse, and Dawnna is a Cardiology Nurse, the two friends chose MedSurg assignments so they can travel and work together. They work the same schedule, be on the floor, and commute to their assignment together. Sophia explained, “Traveling with my best friend makes it easier to be away from friends and family, and it’s always good to know there is someone you can rely on around!” Both Sophia and Dawnna still work per diem at their local hospital to keep their specialty skills sharp.


The flexibility of being a travel nurse also allowed Sophia to further her career in healthcare by completing her BSN. She was able to finish school while working a job that she loves—and now that she has her BSN, she is happy to have even more choices for her next assignment.


Although for now Sophia enjoys assignments in North Carolina, and within driving distance from her home, she is open to exploring locations across the country for future assignments. She loves the flexibility and opportunity for adventure with travel nursing in the future.


Sophia chooses to travel with Trinity because she knows she has the Trinity team’s full support in helping her do the work she loves. Throughout her career, she has often heard other nurses frustrated by other agencies and likes that Trinity takes care of all of the details and provides such great customer service.


Andrew has enjoyed working with Sophia and recently shared his perspective with us. “Sophia is not only an excellent nurse, who it is well known for taking care of her patients, she is also a great person to work with. She is very professional, pleasant, reliable, and mature. The fact that she is also willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and serve her country makes Sophia an excellent human being. Her former co-workers love her just as much as we love her here at Trinity. We thank her for her hard work and dedication, to her assignments and her country.”

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