How To Know If Travel Nursing Is Right For You

As all travelers know, the opportunity to be a travel nurse is an exciting and unique career opportunity that attracts nurses from a variety of different backgrounds and specialties. Travel nursing is one of the more sought out nursing jobs. If you have thought about one of Trinity’s travel RN jobs, we want you to know there are some guidelines for enjoying this next step in your career.

Are you curious about whether or not travel nursing is right for you? If so, keep reading because we’ve broken down the most important points potential travelers should be aware of before deciding travel nursing is a good career fit!



The first question to ask yourself as you consider a new career in travel nursing is, how does my lifestyle align with this choice? You want to ensure that the travel assignment you choose works well with your commitments, obligations and preferences. Travel nursing is an incredible experience, but it’s important to make sure that it’s also the right career move for you at this point in time. Some specific things to consider may be:
  • Do you have specialized needs or obligations that require you to be in a specific location or area (like a big city or near an airport)?
  • Will the health insurance offered by your agency suit your needs?
  • Are your children or significant other able or willing to travel with you?
  • Do you have any individuals (parents, loved ones) that depend on you for care?

There may be many other important questions to ponder depending on your lifestyle and desires, but it is important you are clear about these factors before pursuing travel nursing as a career.



Next it is important to know: Are you eligible to be a travel nurse? Before you get your heart set on the travel nurse lifestyle, make sure you meet your agencies minimum clinical requirements to be a traveler.. Requirements will vary depending on your facility, specialty, and contract, but there are lots of options around the country. The travel nursing company you choose to travel with may also have specific requirements, so it’s best to talk to your recruiter to get all the necessary details. A few basic requirements can include a minimum of one year clinical experience, plus 6 months of recent practice in your specialty, being properly licensed in the state that you’re seeking employment (your agency can also help with licensing), being up-to-date on any required certifications, and having the required paperwork.


Mental Preparation

You may be eligible and free of any obligations, but it’s very important to be sure that you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to travel. There are no tests or paperwork that will determine this; it’s simply a question that can only be answered based on your own personal understanding of yourself. Apart from that, certain characteristics like the ability to be flexible, responsible, friendly, and confident yet humble are common among travelers. Add in a self-starter attitude and a healthy sense of adventure and you’re ready to go!


If you are ready to become a travel nurse, or have more questions about the travel nurse way of life, we’d love to talk to you! At Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group, we pride ourselves on being one of the fastest growing full-service travel nurse staffing agencies in the country—and the only one founded by a former travel nurse! If you’re ready to travel, you can learn more about us here.

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