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How do I become Traveler of the Month?

It's simple, just be an outstanding traveler!
We know all TrinityHSG travelers work hard, but not all are recognized for their efforts. Traveler of the month allows us to showcase YOU and show our appreciation!
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October 2016 | Karen Lovin

oct_tom_karenAlthough travel nurse Karen Lovin has been with Trinity for just over a year, she is already coming up on her fifth contract with our healthcare staffing group. Karen is an Emergency Room RN who is about to start a new assignment in Conway, SC.
Her favorite assignment was her first and most recent placement at Bladen County Hospital ED. Although she admits Bladen County Hospital ED may always be her favorite, Karen’s new assignment that will offer her the opportunity to be home with family as much as possible. “I’m kind of fond of them!” she joked.
A naturally compassionate person, Karen explained that she does not have a lot of free time because she is responsible for caring for her large family. However, despite her shortage on spare time, she makes sure to sponsor a family in need every Christmas and provides blankets and coats to the homeless through a program at church.

September 2016 | Erin Cohen

Sept_TOM_Erin (2)-0Erin Cohen is a Pediatric ER nurse who is currently on her first assignment with Trinity in Austin, Texas.
Although Erin has been a travel nurse since 2007, she loves living in Texas and does not plan to leave the state anytime soon. While she prefers to stay in one place for work, she has traveled all over the world from Brazil to England, on foreign mission trips to support the less fortunate. A true humanitarian at heart, Erin’s life’s work focuses on helping others in need whether she’s in scrubs or not. 
“What most people aren't aware of is how expensive volunteering can be, the cost of flights and housing alone can add up quickly. Travel nursing has allowed me to both save money and to have a flexible enough schedule to take time off to focus on her love of helping others,” Erin explained. “To me, travel nursing is more than the money I make,” Erin explained, “It's a means to reach out to those who are less fortunate...and the need is so great that it just cannot be ignored.” 

August 2016 | Sophia Cunha

July 2016 Traveler of the Month

Sophia Cunha is an Army National Guard Reservist who started her career as a travel nurse with Trinity in August 2015. Sophia joined the National Guard 5 years ago to defend our country and “do her part,” a duty just as important to Sophia as the responsibility she has to her patients as a nurse.


Sophia is able to uphold this commitment to the National Guard in large part due to the flexible schedule travel nursing provides her, as she is able to work with her Trinity recruiter Andrew Benfer to negotiate scheduling in her contracts upfront. The flexibility of being a travel nurse also allowed Sophia to further her career in healthcare by completing her BSN — providing her with even more choices for her next assignment.


Although for now Sophia enjoys assignments in North Carolina, she is open to exploring locations across the country for future assignments. She loves the flexibility and opportunity for adventure with travel nursing. Sophia chooses to travel with Trinity because she knows she has the Trinity team’s full support in helping her do the work she loves, taking care of all of the details to provide a great customer service experience, and supporting her dedication to our country.

June 2016 | Charles Welch

Traveler_month_JuneCharles Welch is a Med/Surg and Med/Psych RN who has worked as a travel nurse for four years. He has been traveling with Trinity for close to three years and is currently enjoying his assignment in Rapid City, SD, where he enjoys hiking and exploring the badlands with fellow travel nurse friends.
His favorite assignment was at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System in South Carolina, where he made lasting friendships with many of his team members. A true traveler, Charles looks forward to exploring Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, or Louisiana in his future assignments with Trinity.
Charles consistently chooses Trinity because he has always felt well taken care of by the Trinity Team, especially his recruiter Steve who he thanked for never making him wait for his next assignment and prevents him from experiencing any unwanted downtime between assignments.
“Trinity is the second travel company I’ve worked for and I’ve never regretted the switch. You guys have always been honest with me, checked in to make sure things were going well, and on at least two occasions stepped in to help with minor emergencies.”
Steve recognizes Charles’ great personality and hard work ethic due to the fantastic feedback Charles constantly receives, “Charles is one of the best nurses I have worked with here at Trinity… He is constantly offered extensions and we always receive positive feedback from his managers. We are lucky to have him on board!”
His recruiter is Steve Turner.

May 2016 | Nurses Week Celebration

In recognition of Nurses Week May 6-12, we profiled a different Trinity Traveler each day! Click the links below to rad each of their incredible stories:

April 2016 | Scott Parker

UntitledScott Parker is an ER nurse and his adventurous spirit has guided him as a travel nurse with Trinity since 2008. His first assignment was in Billings, Montana. Trinity recruiter Ron York uses one word to describe him: Awesome.

Part of his awesomeness is that he is comfortable in any setting, including Level 1 Trauma and Level IV Critical Access Hospitals. One patient shared this story about Scott. “I came into the ED on Saturday very sick and short of breath. I wasn’t certain I was going to make it. Scott put me completely at ease and helped make a very scary situation much better.”

Scott lives out his motto, “Seize the Day,” enjoying hunting, sportfishing and hiking when not in the hospital. His favorite travel destination is Ketchikan, Alaska because, “the people were friendly, the scenery is beautiful, and there’s lots to do outdoors, including fishing.” Scott’s adventurous side has taken him thousands of miles from his North Carolina home for Trinity nursing assignments. In addition to Alaska, he has traveled to Arizona, Hawaii, Virginia, Texas, and many communities within both North and South Carolina.

His recruiter is Ron York.

March 2016 | Lavelle Varner

Trinity Traveler of the Month, March Traveler of the Month, Travel Nurse Lavelle Varner is a Med/Surg Telemetry RN who has worked 21 contracts with her Trinity recruiter, Audra Floyd. Unmarried with no kids, Lavelle freely travels alone and is currently on assignment at East Houston Medical Center in Houston, Texas. She plans to obtain her California license to head west next.

Her most memorable assignment was her first contract at Kingwood Medical Center in Texas, where her night shift team became like family.

Lavelle consistently chooses Trinity because of her friendship with her hard-working recruiter, Audra. Always treated with respect, Lavelle recognizes that Audra always does her best.

“She does not treat me like I am someone that just works for her; she treats me like I am part of the Trinity family. It means a lot when you feel like you are more than just an employee for the company you work for.”

Audra recognizes Lavelle's constant positive attitude, making it always a joy to speak with her, and is excited to match her with each new assignment. “Lavelle is a strong Christian woman, with great leadership skills. She exhibits all of Trinity’s core values!”

Trinity's CEO Matt Floyd has had the pleasure of meeting Lavelle on a number of occasions and shared his insights. "She is a stellar nurse, wonderful person, and shares the core values of this company. If I could hire ONLY employees like Lavelle, I would. She's dependable, punctual, competent and displays a positive attitude. I simply can't say enough about how awesome this lady is. She makes Trinity Healthcare what it is."

Her recruiter is Audra Floyd.

February 2016 | Tabitha Carver

Trinity Traveler of the Month, February Traveler of the Month, Travel Nurse As a Cardiac Surgical Nurse, Tabitha is on her second assignment with Trinity and currently at Cape Fear Valley Hospital. After working for the same facility since high school, starting as an EKG Tech while going to Nursing school, Tabitha became a travel nurse to expand her horizons and to see how things are done in other facilities. She loves working at Cape Fear Valley, and has been treated very well by the nurses and staff there.  The nurse manager has been incredibly supportive and flexible, even helping to arrange her schedule so she could be home with her son for his birthday.

Traveling allows her the flexibility to spend more time with her sons, Nathan (10) and Share (8).  She is able to work three consecutive days at her travel assignment, then drive back home where she is involved in Boy Scouts and PTA, and gets to watch her boys’ sports events of baseball and Jujitsu. Trinity gives her the flexibility to travel close to home, but she looks forward to exploring the country when the boys are older and out of the house.

Her recruiter is Jason Weaver.

Read the inspiring story of how she helped save his life.

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