Nurses Week Celebration: Chantain Lennon

Chantain Lennon Cover   To celebrate Nurses Week we are profiling extraordinary nurses who travel with Trinity.  We asked each of them to tell us a little bit about themselves and their travel careers. 

Chantain Lennon is a travel RN who specializes in MedSurg and Telemetry and has worked on and off for Trinity for over 10 years. Chantain began her BSN while working with Trinity, and went on to achieve her MSN with honors. She is well-known for her positive attitude and kind, hard-working character. She recently received the Bear Award for Customer Service at Southeastern Health Hospital in Lumberton, NC, where she is currently on assignment.

Her recruiter Audra Floyd had this to say about Chantain, “She always has a positive attitude and a pleasure to work with. She has great communication skills and is always presenting herself in a professional manner while representing team Trinity! She has been a great asset to each unit during each travel contract. She is always flexible for the facility and a team player. They always ask her to extend her contract which speaks volumes on her character!"

When asked to share her story for Nurses Week, Chantain replied, “As tears roll down my face, I humbly say thank you, Trinity. I am so honored to be recognized by such a wonderful team. There are no words to express the love felt, deep appreciation I have in receiving this honor.”

Chantain LennonGet to know Chantain: 

Where are you currently on assignment? Southeastern Health Hospital in Lumberton, NC.

What was your favorite Trinity assignment and why? 

My absolute favorite trinity assignment was my first, at Brunswick Hospital in Shallotte North Carolina. The staff members at that facility were so warm and welcoming, I felt like I was at home with family.

Even better, I can remember getting off from work and being able to ride 10 minutes down the road and be at the beach. Sometimes I would get off work and ride to the beach, park my car, crack the windows and fall asleep watching the waves and listening to sea gulls overhead as I breathed in cool fresh air.

What was the most memorable place you have traveled (for work or fun)? 

I would have to say the most memorable place that I have traveled for work and fun was on my assignment to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center in South Carolina. The hospital was beautiful, very organized and had a lot of great specialty units that were tailored to meet the specific needs of their patient population.

Also the hospital had one of the healthiest groups of nurses I had ever worked with. The hospital has walking trails in the facility that we would use at night on our breaks, we would skip the elevator and climb 8 flights of stairs to get to our unit, on purpose, before work and after work. I lost 30lbs while working a 13 week contract at that hospital. This was amazing and totally unexpected, I came back home looking good and feeling strong.

Do you have pets, family or friends you regularly travel with? 

No. I travel alone.

What is you dream job or assignment? Egypt, I know most people would probably have said Hawaii, but the opportunity to go to Egypt would be like Oprah Winfrey calling me and saying I sending you on a trip of your wildest dreams.

If you weren’t a travel nurse, what would you be doing instead? 

Well knowing me, I would probably be working two jobs. I would be teaching and using my master’s in education and probably working in ICU or a float pool somewhere. I say that because I like to move around and in teaching I would get to go to different hospitals for clinical education and also being in ICU I would be floating between the critical care units and the emergency department.


What is your secret indulgence or favorite treat?

My secret indulgence is eating lasagna, and hands down, my absolute favorite treat is milk chocolate. I love Klondike ice cream bars in every flavor.

Reason or reasons you travel with Trinity?

I started traveling with Trinity because the name was Christian-based. I can remember as a new graduate nurse talking to other people about this travel company and wanting to work for a company that was value oriented and gave the feel of family.

We have been together off and on for 10 years. The recruiters are all awesome, I feel as though I can say that because at some point I have interacted with most of them and I have never met a stumbling block. The management team has been fantastic, I can call or email anyone and they respond to me with useful feedback to help me on this journey.

Sometimes I wonder if the recruiters are given counseling classes because nurses can call and talk to their recruiters about the good, bad and even the ugly of nursing, life or family and they always extend a listening ear and help in working through issues that arise in the profession. It’s just a great company, no more, no less.


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