Andrew Benfer

Andrew Benfer, Recruiter
Direct: 843.656.0149
Cell: 843.327.1634
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Andrew recently joined Trinity after working with for nearly 3 years as an Internet Recruitment Consultant. After building strong relationships with his recruiters and HR professionals, and hearing their passion for recruiting, it sparked an interest to shift his career path into recruiting. He has a strong passion to build strong relationships with anyone that crosses his path, but has an even stronger passion to work with nurses, since his wife is one.

It takes special people to do what nurses do and it is his goal to help his nurses strive to meet their goals and be where they want to be. Andrew has a beautiful wife, daughter, son, 2 dogs and 2 cats. He is also a huge Disney World junkie. Seriously, for real, this guy is crazy about some Disney. His daughter's name is Belle and she has been to Disney World more than most of Andrew’s friends.

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