Missy Clagg

Missy Clagg, Recruiter
Direct: 843.656.0145
Email: mclagg@trinityhsg.com
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Missy joins Trinity as a long tenured Expert in National Nurse Recruitment. She has been in the industry since 2001 and is highly sought after by RN’s Nationwide to assist them with their greatest personal and professional success. Her knowledge, experience and passion about the medical staffing service industry place her among the top recruitment professionals in the U.S and she prides herself on being a powerful NURSE advocate. Missy currently lives in San Diego, CA and is a very devout single Mom of 3 who loves to stay fit, travel, dine out and enjoy the sun. If you ask Missy who her nurses are, she will tell you they are her best friends, her family-by-choice and her priority always.

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