Traveler of the Month: Erin Cohen

Sept_TOM_Erin (2)-0 Erin Cohen is a Pediatric ER nurse who is currently on her first assignment with Trinity in Austin, Texas. Although Erin has been a travel nurse since 2007, she loves living in Texas and does not plan to leave the state anytime soon. While she prefers to stay in one place for work, she has traveled all over the world from Brazil to England, on foreign mission trips to support the less fortunate. A true humanitarian at heart, Erin’s life’s work focuses on helping others in need whether she’s in scrubs or not.
The majority of Erin’s volunteer work is spent overseas in developing countries on medical missions including Africa, Brazil, and Nicaragua. She recently spent two months volunteering aboard the Mercy Ship in Madagascar where she served as the PICU nurse on the maxilo-facial surgery ward.
“What most people aren't aware of is how expensive volunteering can be, the cost of flights and housing alone can add up quickly. Travel nursing has allowed me to both save money and to have a flexible enough schedule to take time off to focus on her love of helping others,” Erin explained.
Erin’s joy of giving back has led her to be consistently involved in every local community where she’s traveled. Throughout each of her contract locations, Erin has volunteered at orphanages, animal shelters, soup kitchens, and free medial clinics across the country. On her current contract in Austin, she is giving knitting lessons at an immigration shelter for women and children.
“To me, travel nursing is more than the money I make,” Erin explained, “It's a means to reach out to those who are less fortunate...and the need is so great that it just cannot be ignored.”
So where to next for Erin? Having just returned from Liverpool, England where she earned her Diploma in Tropical Nursing, she already has plans to spend a month at an orphanage in Moldova this upcoming winter.
Erin chose to travel with Trinity because of the amazing relationship she has with her recruiter, Cait Osborne, “From day one she has been genuine, friendly and outgoing, understanding, and helpful. I consider her a friend as well and really enjoy working with her!” Erin said of Cait, “She is honest and trustworthy, which are crucial components to a happy traveler/recruiter relationship. She worked tirelessly to land me the contract I wanted with the specifics I requested.”
Cait was quick to comment on Erin’s kind nature, “I am so impressed with Erin as a travel nurse and as a person! I don’t think I’ve ever talked to a sweeter person – you can truly tell how genuine and sincere she is. I’m so proud of her and her representation of Trinity. The world would be a better place if we had more Erin Cohen’s running around.”
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