Traveler of the Month 2015

How do I become Traveler of the Month?

It's simple, just be an outstanding traveler!
We know all TrinityHSG travelers work hard, but not all are recognized for their efforts. Traveler of the month allows us to showcase YOU and show our appreciation!
To find out how to be nominated, contact your TrinityHSG recruiter!

March 2015 | Julie Haynes

A traveler for Trinity since 2012, Julie has been in nursing for ten years. She began in telemetry, afterwards she went on to work in mother/baby for eight years. Julie was recently honored by Cape Fear Valley as their Employee of the Year! "Julie always goes above and beyond!! A true asset to our unit." Congratulations, Julie!
Her recruiter is Tara Smith.

May 2015 | Marvin Andrade Jr.

Marvin Andrade Jr. is a free spirited RN that is on his third assignment traveling with Trinity! From Jamacia, Marvin loves giving care to people in need. He is thankful for all opportunities to travel and utilize his nursing skills. Marvin approaches everyday with a smile and believes that love is the solution to all the problems that may come your way.
"Marvin has been a great help and team player for our unit. We wish he would renew!"
His recruiter is Renauta McAleese.

June 2015 | Jamie Lou Davis

Jamie has been traveling with Trinity for nearly a year. In three short years as a RN, she’s mastered Telemetry, Pediatric MS and MS. Facilities where Jamie accepts assignments often request for her to extend and renew contracts. Jamie’s desire for doing a great job is evident to everyone, including her patients, Trinity and her recruiter! Jamie is a 27 year old, small town girl, from Hurley, VA that loves her two beautiful Border Collie fur babies and is passionate about her three muscle cars! When Jamie’s not rocking it out on the job, she’s enjoying her custom Corvette and Camaros! “I guess you could say I like fixing people and cars!” Jamie is one nurse that loves to keep it in the fast lane.
Jamie started travel nursing so she could see our beautiful country and help people along the way. Jamie’s great-grandfather and grandfather were both doctors, and her grandmother and mother are both RN’s. “I guess you could say nursing is in my blood.” Jamie is carrying on the family legacy.
Jamie also enjoys exploring the areas where she travels. From museums, zoos, local festivals, fairs and beaches, she stays busy and takes advantage of the freedoms and joys her travel assignments allow her to appreciate!
Her recruiter is Kimberly Young.

July 2015 | Bill Fossett

Bill Fossett spent the first half of his life working in business, as an accountant and as the owner of a restaurant in Wilmington, NC. Interested in changing direction in his life, combined with the economic downturn of 2008, prompted him to return to school to pursue nursing. While working towards a nursing degree Bill worked as an ED Tech until graduation in 2010. He began his professional nursing career working part time at an adolescent psychiatric facility and a full time position on a cardiac med-surg unit.
In 2014, Bill again returned to school working towards a MSN-FNP. Looking for additional challenges, and clinical sites for his MSN led him to travel nursing in January 2015. "Becoming a nurse is the best career and life choice I have ever made. It provides me with the reward and personal satisfaction of helping others. I enjoy the opportunities provided by travel nursing and working with Trinity."
"Bill portrays compassion in his work and towards everyone he comes in contact with. Bill is an asset to the Nursing profession." - Facility Manager
His recruiter is Richard Mui.

August 2015 | Kelley Manley

Kelley Manley has been a nurse for 24 years and an ICU nurse for 7 of those years. Originally from Greenwood, South Carolina, she now spends her time between Billings, Montana and anywhere her assignment take her. Kelley loves to read, explore new places, and play with her 3 dogs. She has been a Trinity Traveler for 2 years and hopefully for many more!
"Kelley quietly went about doing her job. Hard worker. Never complained. Always pleasant. Great choice!" - Facility Manager
Her recruiter is Audra Floyd.

October 2015 | Christina Mulkey

Christina Mulkey has been a nurse for 4 years including being an ICU nurse for 2 years. Originally from Pensacola, FL, she has been traveling with Trinity for over a year having been to Maryland, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado so far! Christina is currently working on her doctorate to obtain a Nurse Practitioner degree via the online program offered through the University of South Alabama.
Christina loves traveling; the uniqueness of each hospital and the staff she gets to meet. Traveling gives her the opportunity to travel with her husband and their little dog Bailey. They've gotten to go site-seeing all over the U.S., visiting big cities like San Francisco and Washington D.C., as well as National Parks such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and the Rocky Mountains.
"I am just a nurse, and that is all I need to be. I receive validation every day from my patients through their smiles and thank yous. My focus is to provide excellent care so that my patients can reach outcomes that are best for them. I use my stethoscope to save lives and make a difference every day I go to work."
"I've worked with Christina for over a year now and everywhere she goes, positive comments follow. She is not only an amazing nurse, but I've quickly come to learn what a kind and sincerely genuine person she is. I am lucky to call her not only my travel nurse, but my friend." - Caitlin Osborne
Her recruiter is Caitlin Osborne.

November 2015 | Jeffrey Anderson

Jeffrey-Anderson-email Jeffrey Anderson has been in emergency medicine for a combined total of 29 years, as both a Paramedic and RN. Jeffrey was most recently a Clinical Supervisory Nurse with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, working in federally declared disaster areas with a team of 35-72 other people. He travels with his 3-year-old cat, Meep, who loves car rides and always greets him after his many shifts.
Jeffrey follows these simple life principles: Love like there's no tomorrow; take no one and nothing for granted; and pay it forward, whether it be in kind gestures or acts of kindness.
"People and patients usually see me at their worst. I do my best to alleviate a stressful situation with either a smile, touch, listening ear, or especially laughter."
"While I was admitted, I had some amazing people take care of me and try to make me smile and laugh and one of those Angels was RN Jeffrey Anderson. He continually checked on me and made me smile and helped me to laugh a little. I'm so grateful and words can't describe how I feel, honestly." - Patient
His recruiter is Caitlin Osborne.

December 2015 | Maria Montiel

Maria Montiel has been a cardiovascular travel nurse since last December when she accepted her first contract with Trinity. She and her husband enjoy traveling together, with their sweet yellow Labrador retriever Zoey, who loves being out, sniffing and checking out leaves and shrubs,just saying hello to everybody.
Maria tells us that she and her husband love to drive, enjoy the scenery and be with each other. She sings to him with her out of tune voice just to keep him awake, and they tell stories, plan for the future and talk about their kids (Ilai 23 and Liam 20).
Earlier this year Maria received a Daisy Award from WakeMed Raleigh for her excellent patient care, when she was recognized by a patient who wrote “She has touched my heart, and made me feel that life has so many wonderful things to look forward to.”
“Maria is a great travel nurse and is always asked to renew! She always has a positive attitude and willing to go above and beyond, just a pleasure to work with. I am glad she is part of the Trinity family!” - Audra Floyd, Recruiter
His recruiter is Audra Floyd.
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