Trinity Nurse Saves Her Recruiter’s Life

Traveler_month (2)At Trinity, we pride ourselves on hiring the best travel nurses and healthcare professionals. And we all know that nurses are ingrained with a sense of genuine care for their patients, which carries over to their family, friends, and colleagues. We are incredibly grateful that at Trinity our nurses care as much for their recruiters as we care for them.

Trinity recruiter Jason Weaver found himself in urgent care with symptoms of sharp, stabbing pain in his left side and difficulty breathing. His EKG results returned normal but the pain still persisted. Doctors insisted he had a muscular skeletal sprain, but Jason’s 13 years of military and sports experience told him there must be more going on.

Before leaving the urgent care, Jason texted several of his travel nurses to get a second opinion on his symptoms. Trinity traveler and RN Tabitha immediately responded, suggesting Jason may have a blood clot, and worked with him to have the doctors run additional tests.

Jason communicated this theory to the doctor, received tests with alarming results, and found that he indeed did have a blood clot in his lung. “Had it not been for Tabitha taking the time to respond and ask for the details of my symptoms, I would have been sent home,” he states.

Jason is extremely thankful for Tabitha’s promptness and knowledge which saved his life and prevented him from having a pulmonary embolism (PE), which left untreated is known to cause cardiac arrest and death. Tabitha, who works as a cardiac surgical nurse, continued to check in on Jason throughout the day to answer his questions and ensure he was well taken care of.

Tabitha, currently on her second assignment with Trinity, first became a travel nurse to expand her horizons and experience how things are done in other facilities. After working for the same facility since high school, starting as an EKG Tech before attending Nursing school, Tabitha values the adventure and variety that travel nursing brings. She loves her current assignment working at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in North Carolina.

“The staff are wonderful and treat me just like a member of their team.” Tabitha explains. “The nurse manager is great to work with and even helped to rearrange my schedule so I could get home for my son’s birthday. I have asked Jason to extend my contract so I can stay at Cape Fear Valley.”

Whether on or off duty, Tabitha brings a high level of nursing experience, combined with a warm personality and the ability to make others laugh. “She has an energy and sense of humor that makes you smile no matter what…she is more than just an employee, she is also a friend,” Jason explains.

With Trinity, Tabitha has the ability to travel close to home so she can be there for her two sons Nathan (10) and Shane (8).  She is able to work three consecutive days at her travel assignment, then drive back home where she is involved in Boy Scouts and PTA, and gets to watch her boys compete in baseball and Jujitsu.

Tabitha is thankful to Jason for helping her find such a wonderful match in her travel nurse assignment, while Jason is now forever grateful to her for her life-saving advice.

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