Trinity All Stars: Jason Greene

With a team of recruiters and staff across the country, when there is a technical issue Jason Greene is often the first call, day or night. Jason is the IT System Administrator at Trinity’s corporate office in South Carolina, and he keeps the systems running smoothly so his co-workers can focus on helping the nurses and clients that Trinity serves. He has been with Trinity for almost four years, and has a reputation for going above and beyond to ensure that our employees and travelers have the best experience possible. In his spare time, Jason enjoys spending time with his family, supporting local sports, and learning about the newest technology.  
“Jason is humble, committed and reliable. With a positive attitude and self-managing work ethic, Jason excels in all that he does”, shared Bambi Floyd, Chief Clinical Officer.  “Not only is he an amazing Trinity employee, but he is an amazing father and husband to his family. Saying that he goes the extra mile would be an understatement. We are so thankful to have Jason on our team!” Get to know Jason…
Tell us about you, what do you enjoy doing?
I am blessed with a wonderful family; wife Kristin, our 11-year-old son Brayden and our 20-month old daughter Skylar, who I spend most of my free time with. I enjoy going to the gym and doing 9 Round, which is a kick boxing infused 30-minute workout.  During football season, my weekends are spent cheering on the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Carolina Panthers.  Outside of football season we enjoy traveling to new places, experiencing new things and just spending time together.  I enjoy learning/studying about new technologies and am an avid Apple fan.  I am also a huge The Walking Dead fan.
How long have you been with Trinity?
3 ½ years (April 8th will be four)
What is your role in the organization?
Systems Administrator at the Corporate Office.
If your co-workers had to describe you in one word, what do you think/hope they would say?
Supportive, caring, hardworking.
Chief Operations Officer Natasha Lee had this to say about Jason:
“Jason is one of those rare folks that you don’t encounter often.  Humble, and extremely resourceful.  His quiet leadership and impeccable work ethic endears him to all he works with and knows personally.  His ability to find solutions while juggling business demands makes him invaluable!  And as a person, he is one of the kindest and most sincere person you will ever meet, while being a husband and father who loves his family. We are all grateful for Jason!”
Is there a person, character or quote that has inspired you to “pursue excellence?”
The fact that the good Lord himself granted me this life to live is reason enough.  You only have one life so why not pursue excellence while you are here?
“It [what you choose to do] has got to be something that you’re passionate about because otherwise you won’t have the perseverance to see it through.”  - Steve Jobs
Do you have a memorable story at Trinity you’d like to share?
Every day at Trinity is memorable, but when we bring all of the Trinity team members from across the country to corporate it is really great! These are always memorable because we get to spend time together, there is training, but also eating Mr. Dan’s fish, oysters and shrimp (YUM) and just getting to know each other a little more.  These meetings are always the best!
What do you appreciate most about our travelers?
Their dedication for taking their talents and love for helping others to different locations to share their wealth of knowledge all over the country to those in need.
How did you come to work at Trinity?
After 9 years in the legal industry, I realized that I was stuck in my job\career and that by staying there I would not be able to move on so I decided that it was time for a change.  I saw a posting for an IT Technician position, applied for it and here I am.  Three and half years later and absolutely no regrets with my decision.
What is your favorite story of helping a Trinity nurse?
In my department, we don’t have a lot of direct involvement with the nurses but anytime that I get to reach out to them and assist in any way is rewarding for me. I recall spending late hours with a nurse one time because her computer was malfunctioning during a time that she had to complete testing so that she could begin a new contract the following week.  Each night, she would call with a new issue and after working through each of them, she was able to complete testing and begin her contract on time.  This one stands out because the nurse was trying to get back to work after taking time off dealing with family issues and illnesses and I could tell in our conversations how strongly she wanted to return to traveling.
What is your favorite part of working with the Trinity Team?
The family feeling that is bestowed upon our group every day is the best part of coming to work for Trinity.  Each day that we come to work, we come together not only as a team but as a family working together to get things done (do as we say we will do) and take care of our travelers.
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